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DIY WebSites By Matt Services

Its easy to create and maintain your own website at
  What can we do for you ?

Specializing in
  Simple Websites for Small Businesses
DIY WebSites By Matt can help you
 with all of your website needs. 

We can provide the tools for you to DIY and build your own websites, even if you have no experience.

Or we can do it for you - the choice is yours.

We Can help you with :

Domain Names         Website Creation ,
Website Hosting              Email Accounts ,
Shopping Carts         Blogs     Reseller Accounts 
and more.

We Can :

Provide you with all the tools you need to DIY.
Create your website for you.
Teach you to DIY.

Have you been given a quote for thousands of dollars for a website ?  And then been told of the huge fees involved to maintain your site once it is online ? can help you
for a fraction of this.

For example :
1 x Domain Name for 1 year = $9.99 US
5 page website for 12 months ($6.31 per month) = $75.72 US

DIY Total = $85.71 US
(approx $99 AUS depending on exchange rates)

Plus (totally optional - let us do it for you, if you want)
You supply us with your logos, photos, text, colour preferences.
Setup fee = $30 AUS
5 page website (at 1 hour per page) = $275 AUS
Total = $305 AUS

We Do It For You Total = $305 + $99 = $404 AUS.


  We Do It For You
Domain Name + 5 Page Website = $269 AUS !!!
(normally $404 Aus)
Contact Us for more infomation
or Download our PDF Brochure here .


The above calculations are an example only, and may vary depending on your needs and requirements.

By either enabling you to do it yourself,
or having the knowledge and expertise to do it for you, a professional website for you or Your Small Business is only a few clicks away with .

High quality, maximum impact, low prices.

One of the Services we offer is to actually create your website for you.

After we have set up your site for you, you can then maintain it, edit it, add or remove content, etc, yourself.
If you are in the Melbourne (Australia) general area we can offer a face-to-face training solution to get you on your way.  If you are not in Melbourne, then we can offer an over-the-phone training service .

New and Fledgling Businesses.
Home Businesses.
Sports Groups.
Hobbyists and Enthusiasts.

Contact Us for a Quote tailored specifically to your needs.

Matt {[at]} DIYWesbitesByMatt dot com

Register your Domain Name:
www .

Our Web Hosting starts at $4.39 US per month.

Everything you need to give your Web site the reliable,
 high-performance home it deserves!
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Create everything from your own personal single-purpose page up to a powerful e-commerce site that's ready to roll.
From $5.99 US
per month !

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Everything you need to give your Web site the reliable, high-performance home it deserves!
As low as $4.39 US per month !
Tell me more!