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DIY WebSites By Matt SEO Services - Backlinks

Google, Bing, Yahoo
and the other search engines love backlinks.

A backlink is a "pointer" from another website to yours.  It underlies your key words or key phrases.  Creating backlinks must be part of your website strategy.

 The more backlinks on other websites pointing to your website, the higher Google and the other search engines rank your website on their search results pages, which means more traffic and potentially more customers for you.

Essentially, search results are just a simple popularity contest in the eyes of Google. The more popular your website in terms of how many other websites link to yours, the higher Google will rank your website when a potential customer searches for your key words or key phrases.

However, not all backlinks are created equal - some kinds of backlinks influence the search engine rankings more than others.  Creating backlinks is time consuming and repetitive.

MANUALLY CREATED backlinks in forums, blog posts and bookmarking websites are worth much more than automated backlinks and are excellent link building strategies.  Let us manually build backlinks for you and be your website link building partner today.

Order your Backlinking Service now !

Choose your Backlinks package.

 120 Backlinks

 250 Backlinks

500 Backlinks 


1 Week turnaround.


2 Weeks turnaround.


3 Weeks turnaround.


 All our Backlink Packages are made up of MANUAL backlinks, made by a real human.
There is no automated schenanigans here !

You will be provided with a report, showing where your new backlinks are located,
and how these are related to your key words or key phrases, within the turnaround time. - Home of all YOUR customers DIY Website needs. Start or enhance your own internet business with
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Specializing in
Simple Website Creation for Small Businesses
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